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National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

We are a federally designated Debt Relief Agency under the United States Bankruptcy Laws. We assist people with finding solutions to their debt problems, including, where appropriate, assisting with the filing of petitions for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Bankruptcy Lawyer and Consumer Rights Attorney: Debt Negotiation, Fighting Foreclosure, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Services for You

Finding an experienced bankruptcy attorney for dealing with the issues of individuals and families facing financial hardships is what most people who contact our practice need. They are facing foreclosures, wage garnishments or harassing creditor’s calls. Not all of course, since some of our clients are not homeowners and are currently unemployed.Pensive Woman

Those seeking help with their debts are often stressed and anxious about their perceived loss of control in their lives. They are hoping that debt negotiation or filing for bankruptcy is a solution.

Typically, our clients truly need a fresh start financially, even if they appear to the layperson as having too many assets or too much income for bankruptcy relief. Bankruptcy should only be used after non-bankruptcy alternatives have been exhausted and we help all of our clients to sort through the pros and cons of various options available to them both in and out of bankruptcy court.

Some of our clients have already taken the initiative to negotiate with their creditors or file a bankruptcy pro per and were unsuccessful. Other’s may have spent hundreds of dollars hiring a bankruptcy petition preparer only to discover that the preparer was unable to provide them with legal advice resulting in their bankruptcy case getting dismissed or even worse leading to a denial of their discharge.

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

You need an attorney to help you stop a foreclosure sale of your home that has been scheduled. Although you may have some funds available and desperately Home Foreclosure Signwant to stay inyour home,you can’t pay the full redemption amount prior to the sale date.

You and/or your spouse have recently lost a job. Many families who file for bankruptcy do so in the aftermath of job loss. The bright side is that your loss of income may open doors for negotiating work-outs or loan modifications with your creditors. An experienced lawyer can help you sort through your available options.

Every month your expenses exceed your income and so you have resorted to relying on cash advances from your credit cards or pay day loans just to get by. You have probably realized that you have begun a cycle that is virtually impossible to get off of without some outside help. A bankruptcy attorney may make a difference for you.

In an effort to pay most of your debts, you have put payments to some creditors on the back burner causing delinquencies to be reported to the credit bureaus. As a result, those creditors who you have maintained current payments with responded by INCREASING your interest rates and/or LOWERING your lines of credit. Exactly the opposite result of what you were seeking to accomplish and you need an attorney to step in to help you stop the bleeding.

You have significant medical bills piling up from an injury or condition for which you were uninsured and lack the ability to repay them in full. Sometimes it’s you, sometimes your child, and sometimes it’s an elderly parent you’ve been trying to support. About half of the families who file for bankruptcy have a serious medical problem and an attorney can help you determine which Chapter provides the best protection for you.Man in Wheelchair

You started a business that simply couldn’t survive the current economic climate. If your business was debt-financed, you are probably feeling overwhelmed and are particularly concerned about protecting your family and your personal assets.

You have recently gone through a divorce. Family breakups can wreak financial havoc on your life. A fresh financial start can be the catalyst needed to help you move forward and you may benefit by speaking with a professional to determine if bankruptcy is the right option for you.

If any of these situations ‘hit home’ for you, then you may benefit from the services of an experienced Orange County Bankruptcy attorney.

Curious About Who Files Bankruptcy?

According to a study done by Elizabeth Warren, professor at Harvard Law School:

  • The average age of bankruptcy filers is 38
  • 44% of filers are couples
  • 30% of filers are women filing alone
  • Bankruptcy filers are slightly better educated than the general population
  • Two out of three filers have lost a job
  • Half of bankruptcy filers have experienced a serious health problem in their family
  • Fewer than 9% of filers have NOT suffered a job loss, medical event or divorce

Now that you have had a chance to find out if you will benefit from the services of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, please visit our How We Work page to learn more about our process.

To sign up for a free webinar hosted by attorney Kristine Kyllander or to find out more about how an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you, stop by our Free Resources section.

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