Important New Mexico Injury Laws

If you’ve been involved in a personal injury,you need to take note of the laws that govern the area. Firstly,New Mexico makes use of the statute of limitations. This basically means you have a restricted amount of time in which to pursue a lawsuit for personal injury. In New Mexico,the maximum amount of time in which to open a lawsuit for personal injury is three years and this is calculated as soon as the accident occurs.

Although New Mexico does abide by damage caps,these are only in regards to medical malpractice claims. Damage caps do not apply to other types of personal injury cases. However,it would benefit you to take note of the New Mexico injury laws to know.
New Mexico also applies the comparative fault law. This basically means that if you are found to have shared some percentage of blame in the accident,then your compensation will be reduced but the amount of blame assigned to you.

Owners of dogs in New Mexico will be held liable if the dog injures another person. However,the onus is on the victim to prove that the owner should have known that the animal is dangerous. This law is often referred to as the one bite rule.

If you plan on pursuing a lawsuit against a government entity,there are a different set of rules that apply. You only have 90 days to file a claim against a negligent government party,and it is advisable that you employ the services of a personal injury lawyer in New Mexico you are considering going this route.

By enlightening yourself on the laws that govern this area,you will make your personal injury case go smoothly and also ensure that you are getting higher compensation. So enlighten yourself about personal injury laws,or just hire the best [dcl=6962].

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