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National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

We are a federally designated Debt Relief Agency under the United States Bankruptcy Laws. We assist people with finding solutions to their debt problems, including, where appropriate, assisting with the filing of petitions for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Orange County Consumer Rights Law Firm: How We Work

We are an experienced Southern California law firm dedicated to standing up for your consumer rights. Our process is straight forward and simple: We take the time to listen to you and learn about your specific situation and then we do all that we can to get you the results that you deserve.

When you work with us, you can expect to sit down with an attorney who wants to hear about your situation (however messy) and wants to help you find a solution to your problems.

Pensive WomanUnlike at bankruptcy “mills” at Kyllander Law you will meet with an attorney BEFORE your case is filed. You might be surprised to learn that your initial consultation appointment at many bankruptcy law firms in town will have you meeting with a sales person rather than an attorney. Often, you won’t have any idea who your attorney is until he or she calls out your name in a crowded waiting room just minutes before your scheduled 341(a) hearing. At Kyllander Law, your free case evaluation meeting will be held with an attorney as well as a petition preparation meeting and a 341(a) preparation meeting.

When you make an appointment with us, there will be no “selling.” We will make it clear what, if anything we can do for your and will quote you a flat fee for those services recommended at your initial appointment. Sometimes it will not be cost-effective for us to enter into an attorney-client relationship and accordingly we do not take every case that comes our way.

A successful bankruptcy case involves on-going communication. Our job as your attorney will be to learn about your unique situation, prepare your paperwork properly, and to be an advocate for your interests before the bankruptcy court and trustees. Your job as our client is to provide us with accurate and complete information and perform those tasks and obligations as agreed upon.

Pensive WomanYou Can Obtain a Fresh Start

We are guided by the belief that everyone deserves a chance to start over financially. Nobody wants to be in a position where they are unable to pay their bills, we understand how stressful insolvency can be and have developed strategies and solutions to help you get your second chance.

We also believe that families facing economic hardships should be ale to work with an Orange County consumer rights law firm who cares about them, their situation, and who will fight for their fresh start every step of the way. Attorneys who will sit down with them, listen to their story, explain their options, help them to formulate a plan, and then help them carry out that plan – even if it involves litigation to achieve their goals.

Along with our commitment to you we bring to the table years of experience working for “the other side,” additional advanced degrees and the compassion to go above and beyond in order to make your case a success.

Throughout Orange County, Your Fresh Start is Just a Phone Call AwayPensive Woman

Now that you know what we can do for you, the ball is in your court. The process begins with your phone call to our Orange County consumer rights law firm to set up a free case evaluation and initial consultation. So, call us today to arrange a time to sit down and talk about your situation.

To sign up for a free bankruptcy basics webinar, or to find out more about the bankruptcy process and consumer rights, stop by our Free Resources section.

To learn more about the variety of legal services that we offer, please visit our Practice Areas section.

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