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National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

We are a federally designated Debt Relief Agency under the United States Bankruptcy Laws. We assist people with finding solutions to their debt problems, including, where appropriate, assisting with the filing of petitions for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

How Much Will Bankruptcy Cost?

Bankruptcy can be a positive life-changing event. One day you are overwhelmed by bills you are unable to pay and the next, you find yourself with a fresh financial start. However, the benefits that result from a successful bankruptcy come with a small price. You will be required to pay various fees such as court filing fees, fees for mandatory credit counseling and legal fees paid to your attorney.

If you are considering filing bankruptcy, I understand that you probably do not have a lot of money set aside for legal fees.  The fees I charge at Kyllander Law are substantially less than the thousands of dollars you would pay at an expensive downtown or La Jolla law firm.  My fees are slightly more than what you might pay at a high volume “bankruptcy mill” firm that files hundreds of cases a month and turns responsibility of your case over to a legal assistant or newly admitted lawyer with little experience.

At Kyllander Law, you will meet with me, Kristine Kyllander.  I will personally prepare your case and remain available to you by phone or e-mail to answer your questions as they arise.  We will meet prior to your actual hearing to practice and prepare you for the questions that will be asked.  At your first hearing (the 341(a) meeting of creditors) you will not face the uncomfortable situation of walking into a waiting room filled with people looking for a lawyer you haven’t actually met with yet.  You will not face the further embarrassment of having your lawyer shout out your name in this waiting room in order to find you.

And after your hearing, I will sit down with you to explain what has happened and what steps, if any, we must take to finalize your case and accomplish your discharge of debts.  Before you leave, you will have an action plan covering any remaining steps we need to take and I will personally follow-up with you by e-mail or phone to resolve any remaining issues.

But you are probably still wondering: how much will it cost to file for bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fees

In most cases, my legal fees for Chapter 7 cases will be around $1,500.  Complicated cases may be more expensive but I will always be up front about my fees.  The Bankruptcy Court filing fee in all Chapter 7 cases is $299.  In addition, in all cases (7’s and 13’s), there are charges for the required Pre and Post Bankruptcy Credit Counseling which runs $68/individual filer and $87/joint filers.  Finally, I require all of my bankruptcy clients to obtain a current credit report from all three bureaus and the cost for those reports is $30/individual or $50/joint filers.   Thus, your total cost of a Chapter 7 in most cases will be under $2,000.

I require that my fees for representing you in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy be paid in full BEFORE I file your petition with the court. This is because if I do not collect my fees from you before the petition is filed, I become an additional unsecured creditor of the bankruptcy estate and as such the fees could be discharged as part of your bankruptcy.

In many cases I offer payment plans for my Chapter 7 clients and will begin the attorney-client engagement with a deposit of only $250.  To help determine whether or not bankruptcy is the right option for you, I encourage you to take advantage of the no-obligation FREE case evaluation I offer to potential clients. 

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Fees

The fees I charge for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case will be higher than a typical Chapter 7 case. However, in most cases I only require $1,500 to be paid prior to filing the case with the remaining amount due to be included in your Chapter 13 plan. The court filing fees in a Chapter 13 are $274 and the credit counseling and credit report fees are the same as described above.

I can quote you a specific fee for your case as part of the free case evaluation I offer. I will not be able to quote you a specific fee for your case over the phone or without having first conducted a case evaluation with you.

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